Thursday, September 20, 2012


ALWAYS lining things up~are other 2 year old as obsessed with this as she is?!
Keys in hand, ready to go!
Kit-Kat has really come around lately, took 2 years, but she has finally gotten used to Kylie.  Kylie luckily is a fast learner and has only had to be slapped a couple of times to learn that she needs to leave the kitty alone!  Kylie loves showing her toys and making animal noises at Kit-Kat.  Lately, Kylie will only pet her if one of us is there also touching Kit-Kat, she knows that way we will most likely be slapped instead of her ;)
animals lined up on the windowsill
I told her to lay down and pretend to sleep so I could take a picture :)  I know some would look at this and think it was extreme~pillows, mattresses, etc. all around the bed, BUT after she fell over the end by the door, we felt there is no such thing as being too safe.  That is a big fall, especially landing flat on your back.  The mattresses fit under her bed or against the wall during the day, so they aren't in the way when we are in there playing. 
crackers and milk while watching tv

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