Monday, July 30, 2012


We have had a lot of rain, to the point of flooding, and being stuck inside was making me a little bit restless.  One day, I decided to make playdough and see what Kylie thought of it.  She had never played with any before and wasn't real sure about it at first, but she ended up having fun.


Skye said...

You made Playdough?! Wow I am impressed - how cool is that. And she loved it too! I almost got some the other day but wasn't sure if J was ready ... maybe she is?? Kylie liked it so why not?

Alicia said...

It was seriously so easy to make~water, flour, salt, and I think some oil. I used a recipe for no cook. I say try it with Julianna, she will probably like it. Kylie wasn't sure at first, but then after I played with it she started playing with it also. I was just desperate for something to do on that day, it had rained all week and that particular day it was actually flooding, so we had to stay home!