Saturday, July 21, 2012


You might be a redneck.....we've had a problem with coons getting in our birdfeeders lately.  One bungee cord didn't do the trick, but so far 3 has been able to keep them out!
Running after a bird
She could play ball all. day. long.
I didn't bother to put her swimsuit on her because it was cloudy and I was sure that it was going to rain and we would only be out for a short time.  Not having on her swimsuit didn't keep her from getting in her pool! 
This face cracks me up!


Skye said...

we can't put birdseed out here ... we get squirrels, deer, bear.... bears are an issue here- they destroy birdfeeders believe it or not!
I need to get julianna a kiddie pool- Look how happy Kylie looks- Awww! J Loes to play ball too - so adorable! Kylie is loving it!

Alicia said...

Bears would be a big problem!! We don't have to worry about those luckily. We have things to keep the squirrels out and now we fixed it for the coons, so we are good until they outsmart what we have done :) Our main problem with squirrels is that they dig up and destroy my flowers. We also have armadillos digging in our yard and flowerbeds, but I bought coyote urine (yes you can buy that!) and it is keeping them away and even helping with the squirrels!

You should get Julianna a kiddie pool! kylie could play ball all day long, for sure one of her favorite things to do.