Sunday, July 8, 2012


Bird at Kylie's feeder
Kylie's on her way to say Hi
She just can't understand why the birds don't like it when she bangs on the window and hollers "Hiiiiiiii" at them
Making funny faces
Sweet and innocent :)
cracking up about something!


Shayna Murray said...

Ok the bird feeder right outside the window is awesome! Molly loves birds and is constantly trying to "catch" them when we are outside. We do have feeders up but nothing that close to the house. Kylie must love that!

What kind of bird is that?? Doesn't look like something we have here...

Alicia said...

She loves that bird feeder, though it has been moved for a few days while I come up with a new plan to keep the raccoons from stealing it every night! Kylie's always talking to the birds and enjoys them so much.

The bird is a young cardinal, our baby ones always look pretty funny when they are getting their colors.