Monday, April 2, 2012

Rodeo Time!

We took Kylie to the Livestock Show and Carnival and she had such a great time!  She loves animals, so I knew she was going to enjoy seeing them and even getting to touch some animals.  She hasn't been real cooperative lately and wants to do things on her own time and doesn't like when it's time to move on to something else, so I was a little bit worried about how she would act.  She really is too heavy to carry for too long (I swear she is a lot heavier than she looks) and she doesn't always want to be confined to a stroller, but overall she did a great job when we would tell her she needed to be in there for a little bit.

I think Kylie's favorite part was the petting zoo!  She wasn't nervous at all about all the animals and loved petting them all (I kinda liked it too!).  We did some shopping and of course she was good for that :)  Then it came time to leave and, well....that didn't go so well.  I ended up having to struggle to carry her out as she was kicking and screaming.  She did NOT want to leave at all, plus she was getting tired!  Once we got back to the truck, she fell asleep right away and slept the whole way home.
Come on, hurry up, I'm ready to go!
Farmer Kylie took the job of holding her basket very seriously!
This goat followed me the whole time we were in the petting zoo
Petting a baby goat!
She did get to actually feed some of the animals herself.
I know goats chew on clothes and stuff, but there was a deer that also followed me and I pulled my shirt out of his mouth more than once!  I didn't expect deer to eat my clothes!
The llama finally decided to get up and have a bite to eat.
This little baby was soooo cute and the perfect size for Kylie!
Petting all those animals was a lot of work, time for a drink
She was trying her hardest not to smile!

She decided she had been in her stroller long enough!
back and forth they walked over and over and over


Shana said...

Looks like fun! The line was too long for the petting zoo when we went :(

Skye said...

What a fun time! I just adore Kylie's cowboy boots. Totally cool! :)