Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Pictures

I haven't had daisys in a couple of years, I was shocked to see this blooming , I know it didn't even come up last year.
She had her 2nd ear infection in March, I asked the dr for advice  to get her to take her medicine and not spit it back at me, she said to use whatever reward works.  So....I showed Kylie the box of Thin Mints and asked if she wanted one, which she did, I then told her if she would take her medicine she could have one and it worked!
This picture makes me laugh!
Just sitting in a basket reading a magazine :)
Kylie likes to look in her daddy's shirt pocket when he comes home from work and sometimes she finds stickers in there!  As you can see, she decided to put the stickers all over herself!
love how the shirt is pulled up so she can put stickers on her belly!
that hair!
Kylie is very attached to these 2 pillowcases, though most of the time they stay in her crib.  She doesn't sleep with a pillowcase on her pillow though, she just places these under her head to sleep.
Playing in Mommy's ribbon
Decided to put her plate of yogurt on her head, then got upset because she got dirty.
An ear of a chocolate bunny works great to get her to take medicine also!

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