Monday, January 3, 2011

More Christmas!

Finally going to finish the Christmas post...
Kylie was so good this year that she had 2 stocking overflowing from Santa!

She loves this makes noise and has a sun that flashes!

a soft book and the best part...the cow moos!

Tortoise and the Hare soft book shaped like Hare!

Baby's First Christmas Bear!

she wanted the bow

a stuffed dog that makes noise...she was in love at first sight

of course she had to taste the paper....

she loves this silly thing, but it is soooo annoying!

she was drooling so much, it soaked right thru the bib to her shirt...keep waiting for that next tooth to appear...

Go Texans!

taking some time to play with some of her new toys

The best part of all....her new book has a tag, she was thrilled to discover it :)

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