Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kylie's First Christmas~Part 1!

We went to my parents on Christmas Eve and went to church that evening.  Kylie did really good at church, I went to the cry room with her about halfway thru, she was getting tired and there was so much to look at, she hadn't started really crying yet, but I figured a breakdown was on the way.  Santa came to visit Kylie at my parents house and she woke up to two stockings full of things!  She had a great Christmas and loved being with lots of different family members.
The week before Christmas, Kylie started getting congested.  Her nose started running during church and that night was pretty sleepless for us, but she didn't let that bother her at all!  She's been taking her first cold really well, the worst is just the congestion at night.  We're hoping that she's getting over it because we're all ready for a good night's sleep around here!

This keeps messing up every single time I try to upload pics, so here are a few for now, I will try the rest later.

supervising while the turkey and dressing are being cooked

looks like she is ready to start opening presents!

helping open a present

watching the action

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kitten said...

Kylie is always so fashionable! :)
All the best to you and your family this coming year.