Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 Months!

I just can't believe that Kylie is already 8 months old, it has gone by so fast and she is growing up so much!  Here are some things about Kylie at 8 months old.
*an expert at sitting up and catches herself if she starts to fall and pulls herself back to sitting position
*has tried to pull herself into a standing position when she's sitting down
*right now can only move backward, but each day she is getting closer and closer to crawling forward, she gets up on all fours and sometimes throws herself forward to get a toy that's out of reach
*sleeping habits aren't near as good as they used to be, but I'm hoping that they are getting better, she wakes up a couple of times a night right now, sometimes I have to hold her, sometimes I can just give a pacifier
*loves to be on the floor playing, noisy toys or anything with a tag are her favorites
*no new teeth, still just the bottom two
*will stand and hold onto something if you put her in the standing position
*takes a couple of steps if you are holding her up
*has a few tv shows on a baby channel that she absolutely loves
*very noisy~talking/babbling all the time and loves to make a shriek also, she tells stories and then when she finishes talking she laughs at whatever she said!
*always tries to take her left sock off and if she gets it off then she chews on it
*picks up and feeds herself puffs and now demands them anytime she sees other people eating
*getting better at a sippy cup
*eats fruits, veggies, just started on meats, yogurt...likes most foods
*waves sometimes~using her whole arm


Skye said...

Happy 8 months Kylie!! :) Yayy!

"*loves to be on the floor playing, noisy toys or anything with a tag are her favorites" - Yes! The tags are the best for some reason now! And telling a whole story and then laughing at herself- classic. I know that one! :)
I love reading about everything Kylie goes through and her milestones - makes me think "OH yeh, Jul has done that... " Or "She hasn't done that yet" LOL.
Funny you say that about meats. We just gave Jul her first 'chicken & sweet potato' dinner last night... She loved it.

Amanda said...

Kylie is so cute and obviously happy :) Happy 8 months!

kitten said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Kylie!

I can't believe it either, it seems like only yesterday when we had them! She is so cute, I especially love the first photo showing her two bottom teeth, I just wanna bite those cheeks!

N does the same thing about her LEFT sock too! She keeps pulling it off and when she does, she chews on it! hahaha!