Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sesame Place~Part 3

Before the trip, I was excited to see Elmo's World Live with her, I just knew she was going to love it since she could sit and watch Elmo all day long.  Well, that was before she decided she didn't want to see Elmo anymore, I had to convince her to go see this show and assured her that she wouldn't have to talk to Elmo.
Elmo dancing~I thought it was a cute show.

She did like posing with Dorothy after Elmo left.
I think playing the piano was one of her favorite things from the day.
Enjoying a hot dog after a long day of playing.  
She begged and begged to play on the "blue tent", but once she got  there, she didn't really seem to know what to do.
She watched some other kids and finally figured out to hold onto the rope to help her climb.  This was about as high as she made it, but at least she had fun doing it.
Taking a break while it rained.

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