Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3rd Birthday Party!

We were on vacation on Kylie's actual birthday so the festivities were spread out this year so family here and there could celebrate with her.  I don't have height/weight on her yet, still need to have her 3 year check-up.  She's about 35 pounds, or was the last time I weighed her and I guess around 3 feet tall.  This post will be birthday pictures mixed in with info on Kylie at 3.
Love that big smile!
I know I've said it at other ages, but Kylie is so fun right now.  She says the funniest and most random things~talking about wanting to jump "too high" to the moon like astronauts...Where does she even learn this stuff?!
Sesame Street themed party, of course!
She LOVES to pose for pictures.

Her speech is getting so much more clear and I don't have to translate as much as I used to.  She loves to make people laugh and is such a great story teller.  She becomes so animated when talking about something she finds funny/interesting.

It's not all fun and games though, she's still having some tantrums, not as many as before, but when they happen they are so much worse and last so much longer.  She's become a little bit of a smart mouth at times, it's so hard to keep from laughing, but we know we can't laugh.  Kylie loves puzzles and is really good at them.  She loves to color, read books, put stickers on EVERYTHING, and play with her little animals.  She has such a sweet and loving personality, she loves to give "big hugs", hates it if she does something to upset us, and is always quick to give us a hug to make it better.

Earlier today, she leaned towards my cheek, mouth wide open, I leaned over, expecting a big sloppy kiss, instead she bit me!  She immediately hugged me and tried to make it better, telling me she was just pretending.  I could tell she didn't mean to do it by the way she was acting.  I asked her why she would bite my cheek, she then explained she was pretending to be an alligator!  I told her not to bite anyone again and left it at that, I knew she hadn't meant it and couldn't get mad about it!
She couldn't keep her fingers out of the icing.
She much prefers ice cream to cake
Now time for the best part of the party....opening presents!
I never thought an empty sandbox would be so much fun!

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Skye said...

happy birthday kylie (very belated!) - and I love her dress!! perfect. Julianna got a water table for her birthday too hehe - she loves it