Friday, May 31, 2013

Sesame Place~Breakfast With Elmo and Friends~3rd Birthday

The long awaited day was finally here, the day we got to meet Elmo!!  Kylie was so excited to see where Elmo lives and to have breakfast with him.  She had talked about it for days and couldn't wait to go.  Even better, it was on her actual birthday!
I think I was more excited about the footprints than she was, maybe I should have taken my picture with them!
Waiting for the gates to open!
She couldn't resist dancing to the music!
Daddy and Kylie dancing

Finally, the gates opened and it was time to go in.  She seemed to get nervous at that point.  I didn't hear her, but she told Chad that she didn't want to see Elmo :(  We went in and fixed our plates, then the characters started coming out and she wasn't real sure about it all.  She didn't want to look at any of them, especially Elmo (who she absolutely loves!).  The characters did great with the kids that were scared and we spent a lot of time talking to the characters ourselves while Kylie looked away.  Finally she agreed to take some pictures with us and the characters.
We had to show Abby Cadabby that Kylie's dress had her picture on it!  I think Abby might be Kylie's new favorite, unfortunately she isn't as big of a fan of Elmo after meeting him in person!
Daddy convinced her to take a picture with him and Grover.
She was feeling more comfortable at this point.  I love this picture, looks like her and Grover are having a serious conversation.
You can tell by her face that she wasn't really wanting to take this picture.
Cookie Monster and Elmo!  Funny story...she picked out a small stuffed Cookie Monster as a souvenir.  Last night, I set her cup of milk down next to Cookie Monster, she got very upset and made me move Cookie away, she was so worried that he was going to drink her milk!
This one was taken at the beginning and she would not let me hold her near Elmo, she insisted I stand next to him instead.
She did lots of dancing that day!

 More Sesame Place pics to come!

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Shana said...

What a fun birthday!