Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 2011

I was planning on doing a few pictures from different years, but then I started looking at February 2011 pictures and realized that it was such a busy month, it deserved it's own post!
Ice storm
 February 2011 was full of firsts~first plane ride, first time in a hotel, first (and only) snow, first time meeting a lot of extended family...
This has always been one of my favorite pictures!
Dressed pretty and ready to party
These pictures have made me sad, we had no idea that we would lose her to lung cancer just a few months after this trip. Such a blessing this trip ended up being.
Love this one!  We were celebrating his 90th birthday and that's him and his wife out dancing the night away!
Went to The Grand Canyon and it had snowed!!!

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Skye said...

Ilove looking back at old posts & pictures to see how much has changed in the last year alone - amazing right!! :) So much fun to look back and smile! :)