Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zoo Visit (Part 2)

This one had the right idea, all sprawled out in the shade, sleeping soundly. 
Spectacled Bear enjoying a breakfast of fruit.
Trying to find the bear in the book
I swear that the bear is looking at them and thinking "lunch!"
Can't remember now what these were, but they had the biggest horns I'd ever seen, (not longhorns)
She always had her book close by

 We had looked at the web cams before going and decided when we got somewhere that we knew the camera showed, we would call my parents and tell them to look for us!

The camera picked up the walkway going to feed the giraffes and they got to see Kylie on the computer! 
Kylie and Daddy feeding the giraffes
feeding giraffes
Daddy being fair and making sure all the giraffes got a bite

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