Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time For Night Night

These are some of my favorite jammies!  Yes, it's hot here, but Kylie doesn't stay covered at night so her long sleeves/pants are basically her sheet/blanket at night.
She almost always stops at this spot for one final  wave and bye to Daddy.
Having to stop and wait for Mommy to open the gate
Hollering at me to turn off the light!
That is a bed full!  The majority of things in the bed are Mickeys and Minnies.


Skye said...

Gee... all the mickey & minnies... kind of looks like our house - bodies scattered everywhere LOL! Glad to see Kylie si doing well in herbig girl bed :) Julianna's turn is coming as soon as daddy can dig her rail out of the attic & switch her bed over :) Can't wait!

Alicia said...

We understand about having to wait for daddy to do things ;) There are some nights when I look at the monitor and can't decide which is a large mickey/minnie and which is actually Kylie! When you're really tired, they sometimes all look alike! Kylie is still doing great in her bed and lets us know when she is ready to get up.

tricia said...

Footsie pajamas are the best when they are so small- such an iconic piece of babyhood-toddlerhood.