Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mickey Sneak Peek

I decided that I wanted to try to make a cake for Kylie's birthday and thought it would be a good idea to practice ahead of time.  No picture of the finished product until after her birthday party though!
right out of the oven
Looks cute without anything done to it yet!
I decided to try crushed oreos for the ears instead of using black icing.  I've heard that black icing tastes pretty bad and I didn't want everyone having black teeth either!  The crushed oreos on top of chocolate icing worked really well.  For the "real" birthday cake, I am going to use crushed golden oreos on top of a light colored icing for Mickey's skin tone.  
 This is the first time I had tried anything like this and I was very pleased with how it turned out!  Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for several birthday party posts!


Skye said...

oh my gosh! I love it! We are doing a minnie mouse themed party but our cake isn't nearly as creative as yours! How cool is your cake! Great job - Kylie will love it!

Alicia said...

Thank you! Not real sure what made me decide to do a Mickey shaped cake, but hopefully the one for the actual party will turn out!