Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost 2 Years!!!

I can't believe that Kylie is almost 2 years old!!  She is growing up so fast, everyone always said that it would go by fast and it sure has! I am amazed daily at the new things she is learning and at how smart she is!

All about Kylie at almost 2 years:

~She is talking a lot!  She is learning new words every single day and she really works hard at saying the words clear enough for us to understand.  Her word today has been "hep", she has said it all day long, anytime she needed me to help her with anything.
~Kylie loves stuffed animals, one of her best friends is Hop Hop, a rabbit that she named herself.  Hop Hop is usually close by.  Her other best friends are Buc-ee, Mickey, and Minnie.  You should see her in her crib, there is barely room for Kylie once she gets all her friends in there!
~She is still sleeping in her crib, though we plan on moving her to her big girl bed at 2.  She is a great sleeper, for nap and bedtime I put her in her crib and she goes to sleep on her own.  Sometimes she plays and sings for quite a while before falling asleep, but I'm just happy that she will fall asleep on her own.  In her crib, she has a pillow (without a pillowcase), 2 pillowcases that are like her security blankets, Hop Hop, Buc-ee, a few Mickey and Minnies, stars night light, a stuffed frog, and 2 blankets!

~She LOVES to sing and seems to have a really good voice!  Her favorite song to sing is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  Even on the parts where you can't understand the words, you can tell from the tune what she is singing.  I often wake up to hear her singing "Up above...".  She will happily do a duet with you also and then clap once the song is over!
~She is a great dancer and loves to dance!  The best is when she is singing and dancing together.
~Kylie loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins is becoming a new favorite.

~She loves to dress up, look pretty, carry purses, wear hats, headbands, and even bows now!  I love when she puts an outfit together herself.
~Kylie loves animals and making animal sounds, she can identify and make the sounds of so many animals.
~Most of the time she is a good eater, but she has days where she doesn't seem to eat anything.
~Kylie loves to play outside and get dirty, but as soon as we come inside then she is ready to be clean.
~She loves water~in the bath or the swimming pool.
~Kylie has such a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.  Our favorite is when she puts her hand over her mouth and doubles over laughing, it is so funny and so fake!
~Kylie loves to play ball~throwing, kicking, rolling, bouncing~she does it all.
~She loves puzzles, coloring, and reading books!
~Kylie knows several shapes and can pick them out when asked.  She also knows and says the color blue.
~Kylie loves looking at her reflection~in mirrors, the oven door, back of my laptop, wherever she can see herself!

I know there is so much more, I need to start doing quick posts about her as I think of something new/fun that she is doing.

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Skye said...

Almost 2! I know it! Can you believe it? I sure can't!
SO much of what Kylie is doing, Julianna is doing as well - so funny - they are so alike!
Julianna is pretty much saying a new word a day too- She was a late talker with learning new words, but the last month she has made up for it for sure!
She is still in her crib too - and I am not sure when we will convert her crib into a convertible daybed, but probably in the next month or so..... maybe LOL.
Kylie is singing?! Oh how adorable! I love it!
Oh and J loves purses and dresses too - such girly girls we have! haha
Such a big girl she is... time is flying. Great post on her milestones!