Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Months!!!

I can't believe that Kylie was 5 months old yesterday!!!!  She is growing and changing so much and just amazes me daily.  So here are some things about Kylie at 5 months....

Kylie laughs out loud pretty often and it is wonderful, kiss her on her belly or by her ears and she will break out in smiles and often laughter.  I so love her laugh and always laugh with her. 

Kylie loves to eat and has added butternut squash and avocado to her growing list of favorite foods.  She's going to get to try bananas soon!

Kylie loves playing in her exersaucer and smiles so big when it makes noise when she's playing with the toys, it keeps her entertained for a long time.  She still loves playing on her mat on the floor and seems to enjoy having quiet time by herself  sometimes and just looking and playing with her toys.

Kylie is rolling in both directions (think she was already doing that at 4 months, but didn't go back to look). 

Kylie LOVES taking a bath and finally doesn't even mind having her hair washed.  The bathroom and I both end up soaked after she has had a bath!

Kylie isn't sitting up on her own yet, well she can for just a few seconds, but she is wanting to so bad!  If she's in a reclined position she tries to pull herself up to an upright position.  We practice sitting all the time and propped up she does a great job, I'm sure she'll be doing it on her own real soon.

Kylie is sleeping good at night, most of the time, though I suspect that teething caused a rough night a few days ago.  She is in bed by 8:30 and sleeps until somewhere between 6-9 the next morning.  She's drooling a lot, chewing on everything, red cheeks (which I just read can be a sign of teething) and the list goes on with all the "typical" teething symptoms, she has them all except for any sign of a tooth breaking thru.


Skye said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through Mumsyhood's blog ... I love new mom blogs (as I am one myself and write a blog too LOL)! Well as I was reading through yours, I realize (unless I can't do the math right) that our daughters have the same birthday when I read this post about "5 months". My daughter's birthday is May 23, 2010. She was 5 months on 10/23 too.
Anyway - because of that, you have me as a follower! :)

Alicia said...

Aww thanks for stopping by! Our girls do have the same birthday!!

Skye said...

Oh that's so exciting - I know it's silly but it makes me smile to know someone else's beautiful little girl came into the world on the same day!

Alicia said...

It's not silly at all, I'm excited that you found me and am so looking forward to following your blog! It will be fun watching our precious girls grow-up and experiencing the same things!