Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit behind~12 weeks and 6 years

I'm a little bit behind, but something seems to be keeping me more and more busy these days!

Last Saturday, was the 6 year anniversary of when Chad and I met! Wow, time has flown by and things sure have changed!
Here's a picture of us from back in the day....
Sunday, Kylie was 12 weeks old! She is getting to be such a big girl, so exciting and a little bit sad since she is growing up toooooo fast! Kylie is noticing everything around her now and is soooo nosy! She reaches for her favorite toys and will hold onto things for quite a while now. Her sleeping was really good, then not so good, but now it's back good again. She falls asleep on her own in her crib at night and stays there all night except if she needs to be fed. I do have to give her pacifier to her some during the night, but she is really becoming a good sleeper. There are certain toys that are her favorites and she loves her bouncy seat. When I go to put her in it, she starts kicking her legs and wiggling in excitement and then just smiles huge smiles at all her friends! Kylie has been going out to eat on Saturday nights with us and doing really good, when she's awake she enjoys looking at people around us, but usually she ends up sleeping for most of the meal. Kylie smiles the biggest and most prettiest smiles ever, not sure if I've heard a laugh yet or not, have thought she might have laughed a few times, but not for sure. She is making all kinds of noises now! She loves to be held sitting up and is able to hold up her head so good. When she's reaching for something or trying to do something, she gets very frustrated if she can't do it. Tummy time is getting easier, but she still isn't a huge fan of it.
turning 12 weeks old sure can make a girl sleepy~

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