Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Best Sound Ever!

Last night, we were watching Police Women of Memphis and there was a case with a domestic disturbance and the guy and girl both ended up going to jail over it....Chad was holding Kylie and started telling her that he couldn't call the police when Mommy hits him because Mommy has connections and she started smiling huge smiles at him saying that. Of course since she was smiling so big, he kept saying it even more and talking about Mommy hitting Daddy and Mommy having connections over and over again, she was loving it and then it happened..........KYLIE HOPE LAUGHED!!!! We both heard it and were in shock! Chad then started in with the Mommy hitting Daddy all over again and she laughed even more! I got the video camera and she kept laughing and it's not just a little laugh, she has a really loud laugh! So, apparently our sweet, precious, little Kylie Hope thinks that Mommy hitting Daddy is something to laugh about!

Here's the link to the video
or you can view it by clicking below.

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Kitten said...

She is sooooooo cute!!!!!!