Sunday, June 14, 2009

The chase.....

Our first night in Vegas, we saw a celebrity! Chad and I finished dinner and went to catch the monorail back to our hotel. We had just paid and gone thru the turnstile to get to the platform, when Chad said something about the guy that had just exited the platform and was going up the escalator looked like the guy from According To Jim....I turned to look, but he was far enough up that I could just see his back, but I could hear his voice and it sounded just like Andy. We looked at each other for a minute and then decided that we had nothing to lose by following the guy and finding out if it really was him.

And the chase began...........We had to exit the monorail, go up the escalator, then down another escalator~though that time we opted to take the stairs to pass up some slow people, all the while keeping who we thought might be Andy in our sight. The whole time we were thinking okay it really can't be him, but were curious enough that we kept following him. After going down another set of stairs, it was a long walkway towards Harrah's and Imperial Palace casinos. We saw him turn towards Imperial Palace and we sped up even more. We entered the hotel and saw him on an escalator so Chad said we needed to take the stairs to pass him up, Chad was way faster than me and was halfway down and already turning around and getting a good look at the guy. We went down a couple more flights of stairs and finally I was far enough in front that I could turn around and look and we knew that it was Andy! When Andy got off the escalator, Chad told him we were big fans of the show. He shook hands with us and asked us where we were from. He did a small amount of small talk and was a very nice guy. We were so excited to meet someone famous and so glad that he really was such a nice guy.

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