Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Haven't updated in a while, seems like I have been so busy, there just hasn't been the time. I am being lazy right now and just laying on the couch so I thought I would do a quick update. The Biggest Loser is going good....I am at 8 pounds gone in 3 weeks, this Friday I am hoping to be at 10 pounds gone! I am so tired today, we had a storm last night and lost power and I couldn't sleep. I woke up when the lights went off, finally found my cell phone to figure out what time it was, it was a little after 1:00. I tried to go back to sleep, but had someone snoring next to me....thought about going upstairs, but while searching in the dark for my cell I had heard a smoke alarm with a low battery beeping. Lights came back on a little after 3, but by that point it was too late to get much sleep. I am planning on going to bed early tonight! This morning, Kit-Kat looked pretty sleepy also, I don't think she was able to sleep with all that was going on....Keep your fingers crossed for my weigh-in on Friday!

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Michelle said...

Whoo hoo! What kind of program are you on? I am down 8 pounds in 4 weeks. It's hard and tough sometimes but oh so worth it.
Congrats on your weight loss!!! It does make a girl feel good huh?

Hope you get some sleep and you have a great rest of the week. Good luck on Friday!