Sunday, November 9, 2008

100th Post~Part 2!

51. I survived Hurricane Ike.
52. I was without power for 9 days.
53. I ate a lot of spaghetti-o's and spam.
54. I have satellite tv.
55. I love my laptop!
56. I get really tired of dealing with the same things day in and day out at work.
57. I like the show The Doctors.
58. I don't like having to get out in the rain.
59. I don't mind the rain if I can be at home all day.
60. I don't like when it rains and the playground is too wet for outside recess.
61. I like eating leftovers.
62. I like casseroles.
63. I love chocolate and sweets!
64. Diet Dr. Pepper is my one big addiction, it's better than smoking.
65. I like being able to wear jeans to work.
66. I don't like waking up early in the morning.
67. I like bedtime and wish I could sleep more than I do.
68. I love frogs.
69. I have a bathroom decorated with all things frogs!
70. My classroom has a frog theme.
71. I will buy anything that has a frog on it.
72. I like pizza.
73. I don't like wearing shoes, but prefer sandals/flip flops when I must put on shoes.
74. I have a lot of pictures in my house.
75. I start thinking of random things when I start running out of things to say :)
76. My bedroom is red and neutral colors.
77. My master bathroom is done in shades of blue.
78. My living room is burgundy.
79. My kitchen is red.
80. My gameroom is red.
81. I guess I like red? I think it's just really easy to find red things for those rooms.
82. I have a scrapbooking room.
83. The guest room is shades of pink, burgundy, etc.
84. We have a junk room that is full guessed it, junk!
85. My hair gets really curly when it's raining, like kinky curly.
86. I have highlights.
87. I used to wear blue contacts.
88. My eyes are blue on their own when I wear blue clothes.
89. I record a lot on my DVR.
90. I don't like commercials.
91. I don't like field trips, too much stress for the teachers.
92. I don't like riding school buses with 2nd graders.
93. I like the weekend.
94. I like Thanksgiving break.
95. I like Christmas break.
96. I like Spring break.
97. I like summer vacation.
98. I am counting the days until the week off at Thanksgiving.
99. After Thanksgiving I am counting the days until Christmas.
100. I think you get the point that I look forward to days off from work!

Hope the 100 things about me weren't too horribly boring to read. Sorry that I had to really start thinking of random things, but it's hard thinking of that many things!

Here's to 100 more posts!!


twin power mommy ♥ said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by my blog.
I've noticed a "Spring, TX" person had been reading. Was wondering if that's been you.

Have a wonderful week! (and avoid those Burger King dudes and clowns!) ;0)

Nicki said...

stopping by from SITS... what a great idea for your 100th post!! i just hit mine as well! :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on 100!