Friday, May 16, 2014

2 Months!

This outfit is 6-9 months and not too long.
Bailey is now 2 months old!  I can't believe how quickly time has gone by.  She had her appt on Wed and is doing great.  Bailey is now 12 lbs 3.5 oz, 76th percentile and 23 1/2 inches long, 92nd percentile.  We knew she was long, she seems to be all legs.  She has outgrown 3 months footed pj's and is getting close to outgrowing the 6 month ones also, she has long legs and big feet!

Bailey is still easy going most of the time.  She is sleeping through the night, eight hours or so this week.  She eats a lot and in the evening it seems she eats constantly.  Bailey's not such a good sleeper during the day unless she is being held. Her favorite thing is snuggling up close on your chest and she would gladly sleep like that all day long.  She just curls up on our chest, it's so cute.

Bailey and Kylie love each other so much.  I love seeing the smiles Bailey has for Kylie and am looking forward to them being able to start playing together soon.  I think Bailey is looking even more like Kylie lately.  I see Kylie in her facial expressions so much.  The only difference is the hair, Bailey has a head full and it's dark and curly.

Bailey loves her mobile.  She does not like tummy time and will only tolerate it if Kylie is on the floor with her.  Bailey spends a lot of time in the bouncy seat, it's the only way I can get something done in the evening.  She loves being in the kitchen and looking at the lights.  Kylie was always a fan of the swing, Bailey doesn't like it as much, but will sit in it for short periods of time.

I am so behind on pictures, but I have had so much fun looking back at Kylie's baby pictures, that I'm going to try to post the pictures I'm behind on.  I know that some day I will want to go back and look at them.

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