Monday, September 9, 2013


Last week, Kylie started Preschool and she absolutely LOVES it!  This is the first time I have ever left her with anyone other than family and I was worried about how she would do.  She was beyond excited for her first day and couldn't wait to go.  There was no fear at all!  The highlights of her first day (according to her)...they got to play with lots of balls and throw the balls in things, she went potty, she had music, and played...

Here is a video I took before going to school.

Pictures from Meet The Teacher

 First day of school pics!  You can see from the pictures, how excited she was!  She was doing her own thing in the pictures, I finally asked for one normal one, but the rest were all her idea :)

 She's there for her 2nd day right now, I'm hoping she's having another great day and I can't wait to go pick her up!!

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Skye said...

Yes I finally got to see Kylie's pics from first day of preschool! YAY! Look how excited she is - looks vaguely familiar lol. G;ad she loves it! :)