Monday, November 19, 2012

Catching Up

I have to get up to date on here since Thanksgiving is coming up, I know I'll have more pictures after this week!
My poor sick baby :(
We've been lucky with Kylie not having many illnesses, a  few colds and ear infections and that had been it until recently.  Luckily some extra cuddles, lots of tv, and her new giraffe friend got her back to her normal self.  We did not like seeing her with fever and we couldn't get her to take medicine.  The one time we finally got her to swallow the Tylenol she then threw it right up.  A bath did work at cooling her down and made her feel better for a while, but that was a long night of me going between her bed and the floor beside her bed.
Any tips on getting toddlers to take medicine?  I tried bribery, tried mixing it with milk (she won't touch juice), tried telling her it would make her feel better, and then finally we just held her down and made her take it and that didn't end well!  I've tried all the different syringes, droppers, and even the one that lets me get it all the way in the back of her mouth.  I even tried to give it to her just on a spoon, but nothing would work.
Pretending to be mad :)
So glad to see that smiling face once again!
For sure feeling better!
We've actually had some cold weather and had to bundle up to go outside.

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