Saturday, October 20, 2012


We recently had lunch with Chad's cousin, who we hadn't seen in several months.  It was nice to catch up!  Plus we went to Texas Roadhouse which is always a favorite! 

Kylie wasn't on her best behavior, but she did good enough, never got loud, just would not be still for anything.  I even resorted to whispering threats in her ear which seemed to help some.  Is it wrong that I'm happy she's finally at an age where threatening to do something or take away something works??  Right now it seems like just threatening works better than actually punishing her.  She has been getting one of her 2 year molars so I suspect that's causing some of the problems.  Plus all the weather changes this time of year... the day before had been hot and we were in shorts then overnight a front came thru and the next day was cold and windy.
Notice the one red shoe~that was her choice.
Right before I took this picture she was wearing all 3 shoes, yes, 3 shoes at one time and none of them matched!  She had one of Chad's, one of hers, and one of mine.  She apparently has her own sense of style.

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