Tuesday, March 6, 2012

California~Part 1

A couple weeks ago we flew to California to celebrate Chad's aunt's 90th Birthday!  It had been a year since Kylie had flown last and I was very, very, very nervous about how she would be now that she can walk and always wants down to explore.  It was about a 4 1/2 hour flight and she would be sitting in our laps the whole time.  We planned to get to the airport plenty early in order to leave time for security~I was bringing milk and I knew that would need to have extra screening.  I had a bag full of distractions and snacks for the flight.

Kylie did great on the plane!!  We sat in the back which helped because there was a constant stream of people walking back and forth to the bathroom so she always had someone to look at.  She looked thru magazines, we read books, watched Mickey Mouse on the dvd player, looked thru her new purse that I filled with stickers, and even took a short nap.  We were so proud of how well she did.
When we arrived in California it was lunch time, actually way past time to eat, and Kylie was really tired.  She wouldn't eat any of the snacks I gave her, you could just look at her and see how tired she was.  Finally we found a place to eat and then she perked right back up.  We didn't have anything scheduled for the first day we arrived so we went on to our motel and got settled in.  That night all 3 of us were asleep very early~Kylie slept all night in a portable crib.
Kylie was so happy that several of her books made the trip with us
A tv!
More on the trip in upcoming posts.

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Skye said...

that is so cool that she did that well! I would be so nervous too! We have not flown with Julianna yet... maybe this year... and it gives me anxiety thinking about it! But you are right - tons of distractions does the trick! :)
I like the new blog look too!