Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catching up

looks like she is ready to take off running in this picture!

Kylie is growing and changing so much!  (Can't remember if I shared any of this in previous posts, some might be a repeat) She's constantly amazing me with how much she is learning and how smart she already is! 

She is always pointing at everything and then looking at us to tell her what it is.  She says several words and attempts to copy some of the words we say.  She understands a lot and will go get something if we tell her to. 

Kylie stealing my seat :)

She is such a silly girl and loves to make us laugh, she always steals our seat, as soon as we get up, she rushes over to where we were sitting and lays out across it and just smiles and smiles waiting for us to come back and realize she stole our spot!  Kylie loves to get thru the kitchen gate and then crawls as fast as she can as we "chase" her, eventually she laughs so hard that she can't even keep crawling. 

Kylie isn't walking yet, though she will take a couple of steps if we force her to.  As long as she has one hand on something then she can walk everywhere and is really fast, it's just the letting go part that she doesn't like.

loves all her new clothes!

Kylie still has a love for books, she brings books to us and insists that we read them over and over and over again.  She has a few that are favorites, all are about animals!

this is one of the diaper covers she was attached to
Sometimes she is a good sleeper other times not so much.....I suspect teething has been a huge issue with her when she's having sleeping problems.  One of her molars is breaking thru now and last week was a horrible week for sleep, a few nights she would just scream and scream and nothing could get her to stop until she finally just got tired and fell asleep.  She has become very attached to a baby and bear and sleeps with them now, at least one goes places with us now also.  For a couple of days she insisted on sleeping with some of her diaper covers and a burp cloth, I think i've got the diaper covers switched out for a blanket hopefully!  Kylie hugs and kisses her baby and bear and will even pat on them just like we do on her, it's so cute!!

Kylie can do all of patty cake now and loves playing it!

Kit-Kat knows where to lay to make sure she is just out of Kylie's reach

I know there is more that she is doing, just can't think of it all right now.  I guess I'll have to start writing what she's doing on here more often so I can keep track of it myself!

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