Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not a lot going on......

There hasn't been a whole lot going on, just crazy weather.  Last week, we were supposed to get snow, 1-3 inches, and the whole city shut down the day before.  We kept waiting and waiting and waiting and snow, everything did ice over though and there were over 800 accidents, but no snow :(  I had wanted to get pictures of Kylie in her first snow, but had to settle for pics with her first icicles from the ice storm...she wasn't too thrilled!  As quickly as it got cold, the weather got nice again, for a few days and now it's back FREEZING again.  We're actually having some snow flurries right now.  Kylie hasn't been sleeping at night, she's waking up every hour which means I'm waking up every hour.  I'm as tired as I was when she was a newborn.  Kylie has her 3rd tooth, her upper left one broke thru this week.  Also, Kylie is finally moving forward, she's doing a one-armed army crawl and is really getting around good! 

Here's some pictures......

she loves this toy, especially the red gate that squeaks and says peek a boo when she opens it

pretty in pink

initials :)

love this picture, such a prissy look on her face

she loves this toy, I pop the animals up and then she closes them all

one of her favorite things to play with

up on all fours

it's cold outside!

spent a couple of days playing with this piece of junk mail


pretending to use a sippy cup...we've been trying different kinds trying to find one that she likes, not a lot of luck with it yet

Kylie's first ice storm :)

reading a book

the handles makes it easier to hold....

does not want to keep her hat on

exercising while eating some puffs ;)

silly girl!


Amanda said...

I love the expressions on her face.

Skye said...

Love the hat pictures (I Love babies in hats!) - Kylie is so precious. She looks like a doll in some of the pictures b/c her face is so perfectly cute! :) Love the one shoe on and one shoe off picture. I know it well. hahaha!