Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 6 Months!

Happy 6 Months!
I can't believe that our Kylie Hope is 6 months old today!  She is growing up way too fast.  It has been so fun watching her learn and discover new things.  Her 6 month appointment won't be until next week so I'll update her height and weight then.  She doesn't feel like she has gained a lot, but she looks a lot longer.

Kylie has one tooth and her second one is expected at anytime, it's really close to breaking thru and has been causing her all kinds of problems.  We've had some really bad nights, made me feel like I had a newborn again, up every couple of hours.

scooting backwards

Kylie rolls in both directions and is able to roll to get things she wants.  Kylie is also now scooting backwards on her belly, which means I spend a lot of time rescuing her when she gets stuck.  I'm sure she will figure out how to move forward before long.  Kylie can sit up on her own for a short time, then she starts wobbling and falls over, but she's lasting longer and longer each time we practice.

looks like she is going after something

Kylie LOVES Kit-Kat and smiles huge smiles when she sees her...Kit-Kat doesn't love her back...  Kylie waves now, well she puts her hand up and slowly moves her hand and it's the cutest thing you have ever seen :)

Kylie's looking forward to her first Thanksgiving in a few days and getting to meet more of her family!

watching tv :)


kitten said...

Happy six months!

Can you believe it? Half a year! We've come a loooong way. :)

Steven said...

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Enjoy :)

Skye said...

Half a year for my Julianna too - so awesome! It's amazing how time flies! :) Kylie is sooo adorable - she is so photogenic! I love all her pictures!