Monday, May 3, 2010

37 Weeks!

It's such a relief to finally make the 37 week mark and know that the baby can come anytime now and be healthy! I had an appointment this morning, my blood pressure has spiked a little again, though it did go down after a while. The dr. wants me to come back on Wed. to have my blood pressure checked again, blood work done, and turn in my 24 hour urine test. Hopefully my blood pressure will be fine and there won't be high protein levels either. The dr. thinks that taking me off work early has delayed pre-eclampsia at least to this point and if I do end up with it now then everything would be fine with the baby. I am going to go ahead and have my bag packed for the hospital just in case, have been meaning to take care of it for a couple of weeks and feel like I should go ahead and do it.

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