Saturday, December 12, 2009

17 weeks and dr.'s appt......

I had a dr.'s appointment on Thursday. Luckily, the bloodwork went so much smoother this time than the other time and thanks to those who suggested I drink a lot of water before. I'm not sure if that's what did the trick this time, but I for sure will be doing that each time that I have to give blood! The baby's heart rate is good, it was fun to get to hear it again. My uterus is already to my belly button, which is where it should be at 20 weeks, not at 16 weeks. The dr. said the baby could be bigger or I might actually be farther along than we were thinking. All along the dr. keeps saying the baby will be big because Chad is tall.

The only problem I am having is with pain in my hip/upper leg area. I was told it's basically going to be an ache and pain of pregnancy for me probably. He explained about hormones loosening things up and that this happens sometimes. It's been going on since Thanksgiving, but this week it has gotten so bad that it hurts pretty much all day long and then by the evening time I can barely walk. There are times that I am practically in tears trying to walk and just have to hold on to things to move. I'm taking Tylenol and using a heat wrap on it and the heat really helps. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this goes away and doesn't last the rest of my pregancy. Right now I am trying my best to deal with it and hopefully it won't continue to get worse over the next 20 something weeks.

Baby is now about 5 ounces and 5 inches long. Joints are moving and sweat glands are developing! Also, the baby should be hearing soon if not already!

We get our next ultrasound at 20 weeks, the beginning of January, can't wait to see the new pics of our little one!

The nursery is coming mom is going to make curtains and a crib ruffle out of yellow gingham to match the bedding we are going to use. She's also going to make basket liners out of green gingham.

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Carlos and Janis said...

Try not to worry about measuring bigger than your baby's development. It is possible that you are farther along, but it's possible you're just growing big and that nothing strange is going on. I started measuring big at 12 weeks and have been measuring big since. At 34 weeks I measured 41 cm (you should measure one cm per week of pregnancy) and the baby is healthy and right on target for my due date. I worried about it for no reason and am now feeling pretty good about it . . . I never got very big with Isaac, so it's fun for people to comment on my "cute baby belly".

Also, about the hip/leg pain . . . consider a chiropractor. While you may have it for your entire pregnancy, it is possible to get temporary relief from adjustments.

Sorry for such a long comment! I'm so excited for you!