Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost 9 weeks.....

Believe it or not, this Saturday I will be 9 weeks pregnant! The past 5 weeks have really seemed to fly by, it's hard to believe it was 5 weeks ago this Saturday that we woke up early to take that life changing test!

I'm going to try to be better about updating this blog so that friends and family that I don't get a chance to talk to regularly can still know what is going on. I also think it will be so much fun to look back on this at some point and read what happened throughout the pregnancy.

So far I have suffered...okay experienced, lots of pregnancy side effects. The worst being morning sickness (um all day sickness). Some days are good.....others not so good and I just wish I could stay in bed all day, but of course that isn't possible, I have to get up and deal with all those 2nd graders even when I feel so sick. Thankfully my dr. had lots of suggestions to try for dealing with morning sickness and suprisingly the one I found to actually help is drinking ice water first thing in the morning.....I know, I don't understand it either, but he said something about the cold getting to your stomach quickly and that it helps some people. I have gone from drinking Sprite all the time to now drinking lots and lots of cold water, weird I know! I'm also quickly figuring out that some foods cause horrible heartburn now, garlic being the worst and today I found out that the school tamales cause quite a bit of heartburn also (so sad about that one!) And the fatigue is unbelievable, I now get at least 10 hours of sleep at night and think that I could easily sleep for a couple more hours each day! Even though I have had many days of not feeling good, I am willing to go thru whatever I have to in order to have the wonderful payoff in the end!!

Now for the baby.......Our baby is about the size of a large raspberry right now and is starting to look more like a baby! I'm looking forward to the ultrasound in November to see how much the baby has changed!!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Huntsville's Fair on the Square and when we saw this onesie we just couldn't resist buying it, especially since both of us went to Sam Houston. Kit-Kat has graciously (ha ha) agreed to model baby clothes for us......

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