Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter and Other Things...

Chad and I had a very Happy Easter celebrating at my parents house with lots of food! The weather was awful going there, but luckily the storms stopped and the day turned out really nice.

Last week, I took the ESL Supplemental test and I PASSED it! The test was extremely hard, I didn't really want to take it, but was encouraged (forced) to take it. Now I am certified to teach ESL, well still need to add it to my certificate, but i passed, that's all that matters! For passing the test, my dad bought me another knockout rose, this one is the Rainbow Knockout.

I have been thinking about what I want to do in our backyard, the very back has lots and lots of trees and as you probably know, grass doesn't grow under trees, right now there are lots of weeds and just various ferns and shade loving plants back there, but no real plan.....Well, I now have a plan. I am going to make some gravel walkways winding around the trees and then start planting different shade loving plants around the trees. I am excited to get started on it. today I went out with some spray paint and marked the paths/new flower beds with paint just to get an idea. It's going to look great, but is going to be an ongoing project. I plan to start in one corner and go from there. Once I get a little bit started, I will post pictures of the progress I am making on our shade garden!

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