Sunday, March 8, 2009


YUCK, the pollen is horrible here. Every year around Spring Break time is when my allergies really start acting up. I worked in the yard a lot yesterday and last night my eyes were really hurting. It was bad enough that I actually got out of bed and dug thru medicine to find some allergy eye drops. Luckily I found some that gave me some relief and let me get to sleep. I guess I'll be wearing glasses for a few days now. I plan on working in the yard again today, but am going to use eye drops before even going out there today! Sure wish there was some cure for this!

We cut down both of our oleander trees/bushes and I am going to plant hardy hibiscus where they were. I'm so glad to be rid of those oleanders, well the stumps are still there, but at least the bush is gone. The one was as tall as our house, so that took a little more work to get rid of!

Also....The Biggest Loser is going pretty well. I have lost about 12 pounds now and can tell that some of my pants are feeling looser. I started Dr. Ian's Four Day Diet and really like that. Today I get to have 2 pieces of pizza on the diet!!!!

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