Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!

YIPPEE!!!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to be thru with this week of work. I hope next week will be better (I know it won't be, but I have to hope it will be just to keep myself sane). Things aren't any better at work, problems haven't been solved, just now getting the impression that I am being avoided to keep someone from having to acknowledge what was done. WHATEVER!!!!!!!! I don't care anymore. I know I am in the right and I am trying to do what I'm supposed to do and it's the others that are standing in the way of that.

I am sooooo tired right now. Last night I went to bed around 10, a little before 2, I woke up because Kit-Kat was in my face and tickling me with her whiskers. I made the mistake of opening my eyes and as soon as she saw I was awake, Oh boy, was she ever excited. I petted her some and then figured I might as well go to the bathroom since I was up. She disappeared, I got back in bed. Then she showed back up and dropped her mouse on the bed. I get tired of sleeping on mice so I threw it off the bed. WELL, for those of you that don't know, Kit-Kat plays fetch and loves it, so when I threw it she of course brought it right back thinking we were playing a game at 2 AM. I then decided that the mouse could sleep in the bed with me and convinced Kit-Kat to lay down also and we were finally able to go back to sleep. I need to make sure and let her know that tomorrow I am sleeping late so she won't wake me up!

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Jake & Marla Sonsel said...

Hey! I tagged you on my blog...the directions are there. Hope you have time to do it! Marla