Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're in Philly

Chad and I recently went to Philadelphia, along with his mom, brother, and niece. He has aunts and uncles and other relatives in the area.

Krystal (Chad's niece), Chad, and I- we had just arrived at the airport and were waiting to be picked up.

We then drove to where his mom had grown up and we had lunch in a cemetary where his grandparents are buried.

The first night we stayed at his cousin's house. There were a lot of family members there.

The house was on a lot of land and at the top of a hill, Chad, Krystal, and I decided we wanted to go walking and thought it sounded fun to walk to the bottom of the hill. That part was fun, but then when we had to walk back up the hill...that wasn't as much fun! Here are some pictures from our walk.
We were surprised with a cake in celebration of our First Anniversary!

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